Carry Me Home On Location Cover Photo Shoot


My Honey-Girl ~ cover model for Carry Me Home

With April weather most suitable for a photo shoot, our little crew of four headed out to make the cover magic happen. And Phillip Island responded with fabulous weather and sublime skies.

Sophie, my daughter, Rel Mollet, world’s best VA, and me, the author… did what we were told.

The real boss this day, was Jason Lau (Jason Lau Photography) who threw himself into the task of capturing all three heroines on location, on the very island where their fictional lives took shape.

Only this time, it was real and I was looking at my girl in historical costume, ankle deep in the shallows with the sun just starting to drop behind her.

And now, in her purple skirt … she was Finella Mayfield.

Much of the photography for later covers was taken on the beautiful property of Glen Isla House and its heritage listed gardens ~ the inspiration for books 2 and 3. (more about that later)

But it was on the beach where I’d built sandcastles with my babies… that the cover for Carry Me Home came to life.


Yes, there was a wig in that bucket. No… we didn’t end up using it.


Photography for author website banner ~ Ventnor Beach, Phillip Island




Wardrobe adjustment, Glen Isla House, Phillip Island



Honey-Girl… we put her on a chair to capture the autumnal grape vine in the background.



Shoe-holder, hand-holder…. Rel Mollet has done it ALL~ Love you Rel.


Sadly, the thrill of our on location photo shoot diminished when we discovered later that day, that while Sophie traipsed around the island in beautiful costumery, The Costume Factory from where we’d hired all her outfits, had fallen at the hands of arsonists. Completely burned to the ground in a senseless attack. A heartbreaking end to a day which otherwise had captured more than I expected. All that was left of the extensive collection in Flemington, was what was out on hire that weekend. Including the costumes we’d carried over the island all day.



Carry Me Home, Book 1 ~ The Blue Wren Shallows




  • oh my goodness… that is so sad. Burned to the ground? Completely. That sounds like a storyline in the making, right there…

    You’re daughter is so beautiful!! Can’t wait to hear and read more. :)

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Yes, a real tragedy. We were devastated to hear of the the fire!
      And thank you, Sophie is beautiful! :)

  • Elaine Fraser

    So many emotions wrapped up in one day. Memories of your babies playing sandcastles, a book cover shoot and sad news. What a beautiful location for your shoot!

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Thanks, Elaine! The memories just keep happening on that beach. Good and bad. :)

  • Lane Hill House

    And you have the photo of the collection you were going through!! So sad, so much period clothing lost. The Lord will restore what the locusts have eaten ~ may their business be rebuilt and their lives blessed. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House
    Also, that you had what you needed for the three covers!!

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Thanks, Elaine. Yes… that’s what we said! If we’d not had all three costumes out, who knows what covers 2 and 3 would look like! :)

  • Ian

    It’s so special that your daughter features on the cover, Dotti. I’m enjoying this series It’s like doing the backlot tour at a movie studio. Well kinda..

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Thanks, Ian. It’s fun to go through the photos I’ve been sitting on for so long… and finally be able to share them with readers.
      And yes… It has always been my dream to see Sophie on the cover. I didn’t think it would be all three but I’m delighted it’s turned out that way. :)

  • Rel Mollet

    It was such a special day – loved every minute! Let’s do it again for your next series :) xo

    • Dorothy Adamek

      You bet we will!! I know a trio of sisters I have in mind. Stunners, like their mother. ;)