Mornings look like this…

Summer days are racing by and I’m spending more and more time in the library working on the ending of Carry Me Away, book 2 in the Blue Wren Shallows series.

Lots of new reader friends have popped in to pick up their copy of Carry Me Home (book 1). They sit in that chair while I sign their book, but most of my days I spend in the library, all alone… working on this new manuscript. (Don’t be fooled. I’m not complaining. Alone = bliss for this homebound author)

Here’s a peek at my view one morning this week ~ surrounded by my words, my tea, and a little angel watching over me to make sure I’m on task. I’m in the thick of making life miserable for my characters. Really bad. Tissue box bad.

During a coffee catch up with a dear writing friend, we brainstormed a further ‘misery twist’ … and even I flinched. Thankfully there’s a giddy, full blown romantic thread to wrap around this story before it’s delivered to YOU, my dear reader.

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