2016 Fingerless Gloves Giveaway


In case you’re somewhere warmer, it’s the thick of winter in Melbourne. Measures need to be taken, friends. We fight the cold any way we can.

Me…? I take out my fingerless writing gloves.

Knitted with love by my beautiful mum, Sophie, I’ve grown used to wearing them at the computer when the weather turns frosty. They’re a hug from her on solitary days when I’m editing and working on Carry Me Away re-writes.

Mum hasn’t enjoyed the best of health in recent years. But even in the midst of sickness, she’s worked on a pair of these gloves for one lucky Ink Dots friend. She’s such a generous woman! I am blessed she’s my mama.

Along with the pair she’s knitted for me, (which I’m wearing while I type right now) she’s made others I’ve had the privilege to give away over the years. And it’s that time of year again when I pause my writing for a moment to share Mum’s excellent knitting with someone who loves the touch of the old worlde as much as I do.

This year, that could be YOU.  Oh, I so hope it will be YOU

All you have to do for your chance to win….is join my mailing list. (Don’t worry if you’re already signed up. You’re automatically in the running. How cool is that?)

Why sign up? So you can be one of the first to receive my author news and the latest developments on Carry Me Away. And because it’s a fun way for me to pick someone who might cherish a pair of these sweet gloves for themselves.

How? Scroll to the bottom of this page, or any page on this website, for the mailing list sign up form. You have until the end of June to sign up and the GOOD news is…  This offer is open to all Australian AND international subscribers.

Yes. I will post this prize anywhere in the world. With real Aussie stamps and postmarks. Truly!

So, stay warm, (or cool) dear friends, wherever you are.

Enjoy the passing seasons.

Read good books and enter to win the 2016 Ink Dots Fingerless Gloves Giveaway.

And let me know… if you win, do you plan on wearing them to write like me, or snuggle up in a corner to read?

Love, Dotti


UPDATED  – Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 Fingerless Gloves Giveaway…. Sally Bradley! 

  • Catherine Hudson

    Oh your mum’s gloves are so pretty! May she be blessed with better health Dotti going forward x

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Thank you, dear. She’ll be thrilled to hear from you. I’ll pass on your good wishes. xoxo

  • Rel Mollet

    Love, love, love!

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Glad you’re still enjoying your pair. xoxo

  • Caryl Kane

    I would love to have a pair of gloves knitted by your Mum! They would be treasured!

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Good luck in the contest, Caryl. Thanks for entering. :)

  • Lisa Medeiros

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the gloves… I would use them to read with a cup of tea :)

    • Dorothy Adamek

      Oh, what a fabulous idea. Gloves, tea, books. Perfect.
      Thanks for entering. Good luck in the draw. :)

  • From Noela’s Desktop

    I love love these
    They are so me
    I would wear when colouring and reading

    • Dorothy Adamek

      That’s a great idea, Noela. I can see you doing just that.
      Good luck in the draw. Thanks for entering. :)

  • I’m a newly minted children’s librarian, so I’d use gloves in the library. I made my own fingerless gloves but they were a simple ribbed knit. Your mom is so talented! ^_^ I think these would also be great in a historical costume/cosplay … I’ve always wanted to sew a historical gown. :-)

    Subscribed. Contact me if you need the email. :-)

    • Dorothy Adamek

      So lovely to meet you! Welcome and good luck in the draw for these beautiful gloves. I think you’re right! They would SO be perfect for an historical costume. :)

  • Karen Lange

    What a delightful way to stay warm while writing! They are so pretty too. Cherished gifts like this make me smile – your mom is a treasure. :) I’d use the gloves to write and I am sure I would find other uses as well. Stay warm, my friend!

    • Dorothy Adamek

      I’m trying to stay warm, dear Karen. This wintery day isn’t helping but there’s warm spring days ahead.

      Seeding love to you. xx