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  1. Lane Hill House says:

    Do you know what I like best of all, after you, of course, is that it says, “Book 1.” Giddy! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      I’m so happy you’re the first to comment here, Kathleen. Welcome and thank you for your sweet words. You’re the best. <3

  2. Andrea Grigg says:

    Can’t wait to read your beautiful book! And very glad it’s going to be a series. I just wish December 1 would come quicker xo

  3. Amanda Deed says:

    Hey gorgeous. Excited beyond words for you! Looking forward to buying several … for friends, family, etc. So proud of you! It’s been an honour to share bits of the journey with you. Can’t wait to read it!!!!!!!!

  4. Rita Galieh says:

    Worth waiting for, Dottie! So happy for you.

  5. Kerry-Lee Harney says:

    So excited for you!! Well done! I am really looking forward to meeting your characters and journeying into their world. xxx

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      I’m so blessed to have had you share the road with me! Love you lots. Thanks for your sweet words. xx

  6. Ian says:

    Yay! Happy release day, Dotti. It’s a moment to treasure & enjoy. Open the champers & celebrate with J and your family.

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thanks, Ian. Rel and I had a fun lunch today, celebrating and savouring the moment. :)

  7. Lane Hill House says:

    Such joy and for your model too!! Happiness, Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      She’s a real beauty, Kathleen. So blessed to have her on the front AND back cover. :)

  8. Maria Morgan says:

    So thrilled for you Dotti! I look forward to getting a copy. God bless you with many, many more “pinch me” author moments! :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thank you, dear Maria. So glad to hear from you here. It’s been a crazy-fun ride. :)

  9. Catherine Hudson says:

    So very very exciting!! Congratulations Dotti, savour the moment :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thanks, beautiful friend! What a journey it’s been for us, hey? Couldn’t have done it without your love and support. xx

  10. Ian says:

    Love that, Dotti. Is a good example of write what you know and where you know. Have you ever doubted it? Well done on following your leading which no doubt had some supernatural promptings. God will honour that.

    I take it we discover where the Blue Wren Shallows are in reading the novel? Or is that for another post? And the blue wren is a common bird found on the isle?

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Yes, all will be explained in the book. Wouldn’t be fair to spill here, right?
      You will discover the Blue Wren Shallows as well as the blue wrens, themselves. ;)

  11. Linsey Painter says:

    Great post Dotti. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. We all have places that we love. Can you imagine how many stories could be written? :) Interesting tidbit that you started with Shadrach. I also found it so fascinating that kit homes were available back then.

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Yes, the kit home detail is SO fascinating to me. That’s what’s framed the rest of the series. And Glen Isla House is my inspiration. More coming about that soon. :)

  12. Catherine Hudson says:

    Oh such fun!! You look like you all had a blast. Looking forward to photos from the next instalment :)

  13. Lane Hill House says:

    I like the ~*creme*~ one in the Petticoats and Frills photo very top left!! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House :D

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Hi Kathleen, I think the ‘creme’ one IS a petticoat. Sophie may have worn that one under the purple skirt. :)

  14. bevy says:

    oh my goodness… that is so sad. Burned to the ground? Completely. That sounds like a storyline in the making, right there…

    You’re daughter is so beautiful!! Can’t wait to hear and read more. :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Yes, a real tragedy. We were devastated to hear of the the fire!
      And thank you, Sophie is beautiful! :)

  15. Elaine Fraser says:

    So many emotions wrapped up in one day. Memories of your babies playing sandcastles, a book cover shoot and sad news. What a beautiful location for your shoot!

  16. Lane Hill House says:

    And you have the photo of the collection you were going through!! So sad, so much period clothing lost. The Lord will restore what the locusts have eaten ~ may their business be rebuilt and their lives blessed. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House
    Also, that you had what you needed for the three covers!!

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thanks, Elaine. Yes… that’s what we said! If we’d not had all three costumes out, who knows what covers 2 and 3 would look like! :)

  17. Ian says:

    It’s so special that your daughter features on the cover, Dotti. I’m enjoying this series It’s like doing the backlot tour at a movie studio. Well kinda..

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thanks, Ian. It’s fun to go through the photos I’ve been sitting on for so long… and finally be able to share them with readers.
      And yes… It has always been my dream to see Sophie on the cover. I didn’t think it would be all three but I’m delighted it’s turned out that way. :)

  18. Rel Mollet says:

    It was such a special day – loved every minute! Let’s do it again for your next series :) xo

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      You bet we will!! I know a trio of sisters I have in mind. Stunners, like their mother. ;)

  19. Rel Mollet says:

    Love seeing the progression of covers :)

  20. Dorothy Adamek says:

    That’s what makes me smile!! Knowing we get to do it all again. xx

  21. Dorothy Adamek says:

    Like the gps telling us we’d ‘arrived’ when we were on top of the West Gate Bridge!! ;)

  22. Joanne Bischof says:

    Dorothy, thanks for this peek into the story. SO amazing to see the process behind such a wonderful book! And from an equally wonderful lady!

  23. Ian says:

    Experts in Bangkok? Looking forward to your post on how you found them and the process you went through to satisfy yourself they were good. I’ve been curious about this part of the process. Actually getting the book into “sale” format.

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Lol…. Ian, I was not planning to bore you with those details, but I’m always happy to reconsider. Especially now that Cat has asked for the same information. :)

  24. Nola Passmore says:

    I’m reading it now and can see the benefit of those Margie-isms. Lots of fresh metaphors and similes :)

  25. Catherine Hudson says:

    Ian I’m looking forward to seeing that part of the process too, it takes so much to bring the book to a reader’s hands! Thanks Dotti for persevering. Can’t wait to hold mine :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      You make me laugh, dear Catherine. If anyone knows the behind the scenes highs and lows of this process, it’s you… but I’m always happy to share, in greater detail, the experts who made the journey easier for me. :)

    • Catherine Hudson says:

      Ha ha I know, but it’s such a blur that I didn’t take notes! I’m sitting up to attention in class now :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Don’t you worry, my dear, it’s all here in my own notes. Anytime you need them. xx

  26. Rel Mollet says:

    It’s been wonderful to see Carry Me Home in the hands of readers…and of course, they love it! It’s going to be so much fun discussing it at book club on Friday!!! xo

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      It will be such a fun night! Thanks for adding me to the reading list. What an honour. xx

  27. Jennifer Zarifeh Major says:

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd start crying now!!!

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      I know many a happy tear will fall between now and Sophie and James’ wedding. Be ready to sob with me, Jennifer… I don’t like to cry alone. xx

  28. Catherine Hudson says:

    Oh how beautiful!! What a fantastic idea. I must admit my eyes are misty. Congratulations Sophie and James, and cousin James and Rachel! So many precious memories being made this year in your family Dotti, congratulations, may it all go off to perfection ?

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thanks for the love, dearest Cat. It’s going to be a fun journey to the aisle. xo

  29. Rel Mollet says:

    Love this, Dotti – so very you! xo

  30. Tamara Leigh says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  31. Catherine Hudson says:

    Oh your mum’s gloves are so pretty! May she be blessed with better health Dotti going forward x

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thank you, dear. She’ll be thrilled to hear from you. I’ll pass on your good wishes. xoxo

  32. Rel Mollet says:

    Love, love, love!

  33. Caryl Kane says:

    I would love to have a pair of gloves knitted by your Mum! They would be treasured!

  34. Lisa Medeiros says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the gloves… I would use them to read with a cup of tea :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Oh, what a fabulous idea. Gloves, tea, books. Perfect.
      Thanks for entering. Good luck in the draw. :)

  35. From Noela's Desktop says:

    I love love these
    They are so me
    I would wear when colouring and reading

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      That’s a great idea, Noela. I can see you doing just that.
      Good luck in the draw. Thanks for entering. :)

  36. I’m a newly minted children’s librarian, so I’d use gloves in the library. I made my own fingerless gloves but they were a simple ribbed knit. Your mom is so talented! ^_^ I think these would also be great in a historical costume/cosplay … I’ve always wanted to sew a historical gown. :-)

    Subscribed. Contact me if you need the email. :-)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      So lovely to meet you! Welcome and good luck in the draw for these beautiful gloves. I think you’re right! They would SO be perfect for an historical costume. :)

  37. Karen Lange says:

    What a delightful way to stay warm while writing! They are so pretty too. Cherished gifts like this make me smile – your mom is a treasure. :) I’d use the gloves to write and I am sure I would find other uses as well. Stay warm, my friend!

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      I’m trying to stay warm, dear Karen. This wintery day isn’t helping but there’s warm spring days ahead.

      Seeding love to you. xx

  38. Jennifer Zarifeh Major says:

    Oh. My. WORD!!!!
    How fabulous!!! The photos are, I’m sure, but a teeny glimpse into the awesomeness of the whole day!

  39. Andrea Grigg says:

    What a thrill, Dotti! Just awesome. So glad Rel shared the experience with you. It would’ve been terrible not having someone to squeal with!

  40. Rel Mollet says:

    Such a special day with such a special friend! We will be talking about this day when we are telling stories in the nursing home :)

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Ha! Imagine the truth stretching and memory loss of our older brains! As if the tale is not wild enough.
      SO blessed to have you along. As always, such a constant in my author life. Would not have wanted to do it without you. xo

  41. Love these pictures, Dotti! This is so fabulous!

  42. Iola Goulton says:

    Beautiful! Apparently she’s due to visit my home port sometime next year. I’ll look forward to watching out for her.

    In the meantime, how does one get a job as librarian aboard such a ship?

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      She certainly is a beauty! And as for that librarian job… What a way to sail the seas. :)

  43. Catherine Hudson says:

    What a beautiful ship!! How exciting for you and Rel. I’m inspired to take a cruise (with a picture of me reading Carry Me Home). x

  44. Kate Driscoll-Grotto says:

    I shed tears for you dear lady as you journey through this painful process after saying a temporary good-bye to your precious mum. You had such a beautiful relationship with her; something that you can hang on to in your moments of grief. May the Lord be your portion of comfort and strength as you take up that pen and continue writing.

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thank you, dear Kate. There’s so much beauty to hang on to. Within the tears, there’s much blessing. xo

  45. Nikos Lioliopoulos says:

    You Carrie her home. The kindness, the sweetness, the majesty of a lovely woman.

    • Dorothy Adamek says:

      Thank you, dear Nikos. You met the ‘real her.’ I’m so glad we visited when she was well enough. xo

  46. Rel Mollet says:

    Beautiful, my dearest friend xo

  47. Elaine Fraser says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the memory of your dear mum. To lose your mum undoes you in so many unexpected ways and you’ve captured the heart of it here. So much love for you and your family. xxx

  48. says:

    So very sorry for this most deep loss. I understand this because I, too, an a motherless daughter. It never feels the same to not have a mama. I’m time the wound is not so fresh and painful and you can smile and even laugh at precious memories, then there are days when you miss her so badly, the ache is nearly physical. In those days, I get this picture in mind of Mama peering over the gate in Heaven, watching for me. God WILL carry you, dear. Praying for you.

  49. Linda Meade says:

    A beautful tribute to be memory of your preciuis mother. Praying that the Lord will comfort you and give you peace and wrap you in His loving arms. Love and prayers.❤️🙏🙏

  50. Linda Meade says:

    A beautiful tribute to the memory of your precious mother. Praying the Lord will comfort you and give you the peace that surpasses all understanding. Love and prayers.❤️🙏🙏

  51. Nola Passmore says:

    Such beautiful words in your time of grief, Dotti. A sad time for you indeed, but so good to have your mother’s legacy with you and to know that she is now safe in the arms of her heavenly Father. And maybe that blanket is meant to give you a smile. I love a riot of colours and wouldn’t blink twice at having that on my bed :) Praying God will wrap you in his love at this time. Take care xx

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